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Customer Testimonials

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UpgradeUSA - Laptop Payment Plans that Build Credit

""Just wanted to say that UpgradeUSA is absolutely great!! Whenever I have a doubt I can contact Miranda easily and she takes the time to explain any question I may have. Awesome ride so far!" " — Edgar D., Hollywood, FL

""UpgradeUSA is an awesome company! The customer service is amazing! Their staff is always helpful and understanding! It has been a wonderful experience doing business with UpgradeUSA!" " — Corina M., Sanger, CA


"UpgradeUSA is GREAT!!! I love my Dell. If I ever have questions, Miranda is always there. Thanks so much! " — Rita P., Tonawanda, NY

"UpgradeUSA not only helped me get a new laptop but they have stood 100% behind their promise to help me re-build my credit. I really like these guys, they're the best! " — Ray M., Los Angeles

"Upgrade USA is to the point. I personally searched high & low trying to find a company like this and there is only one. I don't feel trapped, ripped off or taken advantage of. There isn't a ton of paperwork you have to fill out, it's all done online and the products are top of the line with great prices. The competition would have you paying up to quadruple of what Upgrade will charge you so you do the math. I plan to be an Upgrade USA customer for life and I have never felt that way about any company in my life. " — Tom M., San Antonio

No Runaround


Honesty Is Our Policy

At UpgradeUSA, we are committed to delighting our customers and being completely honest and open. We are an independent company that prides itself on bucking trends. Our leasing program is as flexible as they come, and we really can help our customers succeed. Try our program and see the UpgradeUSA difference for yourself!