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Small Business Leasing

UpgradeUSA’s computer lease program can help
small businesses better manage costs - and

won't anchor you down.

Small Business Computer Leasing Online

When entrepreneurs make plans to start a business, having enough capital on hand to run the business is a significant first step. In addition to finding customers, ambitious business owners need to plan for everything, from filing taxes to paying liability insurance to creating aHelping Small Business Build Credit Web site. Many business owners don’t know all of the ins-and-outs of the “business of starting a business,” so it’s common for available credit and capital to be used up at a more rapid pace than planned.

And as an additional burden, banks are much more conservative with loans than they used to be, which makes every dollar count. Even though entrepreneurs might have been good payers on credit card bills for years, they find that requests to extend their credit limits even a modest amount can require two years of audited financial statements. This often creates daunting capital burdens on small businesses owners.

 Fortunately, UpgradeUSA has developed a leasing program for computers that makes sense for many small businesses across the country. We help small businesses better afford the technology they need, by helping them spread out payments over a series of months, instead of having to pay for it all up front.

Here are some benefits to consider with the UpgradeUSA small business computer leasing program:

  • Eliminate large capital expenses (capex), with predictable monthly payments as operating expenses (opex) for the latest technology. This can free up capital for other important things.
  • We provide every customer with an early payoff table, and the payoff gets lower every month.
  • No balloon payment at the end. After the lease period ends, either 17- or 24-months depending on the program you choose, the computers are yours to keep.
  • Our main program helps small business owners build personal credit every month. We report every payment to all three credit bureaus, which helps small business owners build up a history of good personal credit – something that is important for sole proprietorships or other types of businesses.
  • Our business program helps small businesses build credit - and it reports to D&B in the business name, which is critical for building credit long-term.
  • We offer high-quality computers from a variety of vendors, not just one. Most of the computers we carry are new or factory-refurbished. The computers we offer are listed here, and inventory changes frequently.
  • Our small business program provides even more choices for small businesses. It provides leases of 24 months - which means much lower monthly payments per computer for a business. We can special order just about any technology product (from desktops to storage arrays, from VOIP telephony to IT security products) through our small business program.
  • Our relationships with Dell and Lenovo allow us to get just about any product that these companies offer - at reasonable monthly payments for your business. 
  • If your company would like a special order, we may be able to accommodate that – just contact us.

Many small business owners have hopes and dreams for their company to grow into the next Google, Yahoo, or Apple, and some of the best new business ideas haven’t been brought to market yet. The bottom line is that having capital matters in a small business; don't let your financial partner be an anchor that ties down your small business. Let UpgradeUSA help you free up some capital so you can afford to make those dreams come true!


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Small Business Computer Leasing

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