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Laptop Payment Plans

A Better Laptop Payment Plan Starts With U

UpgradeUSA - Build Credit Here

Welcome to your home for the best online-only laptop payment plans, from the online payment plan pioneer! In today's marketplace, you have many choices when shopping for a new laptop or tablet computer. You also have choices in payment plans. At UpgradeUSA, we are focused on offering laptop payment plans that provide you flexibility, affordability, privacy - and because we report each payment to all 3 major credit bureaus, the trade lines in our traditional program can help you build credit or establish the credit you need.

We also offer a no credit needed program for customers who are not as interested in building credit: - with brand new products at lower prices!

Laptop Payment Plans from UpgradeUSA: Budget laptops, gaming laptops, Apple laptop payment plans. Get great deals today!

Here are some helpful questions and tips to ask as you evaluate payment plans such as financing, layaway, and local rent-to-own:

  • What will my monthly payments be? Am I forced to pay weekly?
  • Am I getting a new or factory-refurbished product, or is it really used and old? Can I get new technology like gaming laptops, tablet computers, or small business laptops?
  • Do I qualify for in-store financing? If not, will they change the price because of my credit score or my pay day?
  • What are are the interest charges? What's the interest rate? How is it calculated?
  • Will I be hit with late payment fees?
  • What happens to the merchandise if it's on layaway, and I'm late with a payment?
  • What kind of hidden fees will I find later?
  • To end the contract, what kind of final payment will I need to pay?
  • Can I arrange this financing/layaway/rent-to-own online? Will they make me go into a store? Why?

This can be a complicated and scary transaction - and all you want is a laptop!  There is a better way: UpgradeUSA and Payment Plan Outlet's online-only payment plans.  

UpgradeUSA offers:

  • Full disclosure of your payment and payoff schedule
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • No interest charges
  • New or Factory-Refurbished products, because quality matters
  • Set monthly pricing for the laptops we carry, regardless of your credit score
  • We ship the laptop after your first payment
  • The whole transaction takes place online, and we have a toll-free number and customer chat if you need help
  • A no-hassle, no-stress way to get a computer that you want, or your family needs
  • Our trade lines in our credit-builder program help you build credit
  • Business partner relationships with leading vendors such as Dell, Lenovo, and MSi

UpgradeUSA is quickly becoming the online choice for laptop and tablet computers on payment plans that make sense. Some of our customers look to our credit-building trade lines to eventually qualify for a better rate on a home loan

You demand the best, and you've found it. 

See what the press has to say about UpgradeUSA. And our customers like us, too!

Experience UpgradeUSA for yourself! View our selection of laptops, or apply to our program today!

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According to recent data, just under 40 percent of US consumers have credit that is considered bad. Turning this around takes time, but our program can provide the first steps for those who want to move up the credit ladder.

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Whether you're looking to stream movies, store family photos, run a business, or just surf the Internet, we have a selection that you're going to love.  We're constantly on the lookout for the best technology to bring our customers!