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Helping Immigrants Build Credit

We make it easier to get established in the USA.

Helping Immigrants Build Credit

At UpgradeUSA, we've done business with people who have reloacted to the United States from all over the world, and whether they are from Mexico, India, Australia, Canada, the UK, or Israel, two things are consistent: they are thrilled to establish citizenship here, and they are frustrated with how hard it is to build up a credit history.

When people immigrate to the US from other countries, they leave their credit history behind. To participate in today's society, establishing a new credit history is critally important - it is the foundation for getting credit cards, car loans, mortgages, and other high-priced items. Even insurers often look for credit history before writing auto policies. Having no credit history often creates a frustrating barrier to enjoying life as an American consumer.

Our lease team loves working with immigrants who have recently relocated to the US from other countries and are looking to get established. When you lease a laptop or tablet computer from us, we report each of your monthly payments to all major US credit bureaus every month, making our lease program your "fast track" to getting a credit history established. With UpgradeUSA, having "no credit" is no barrier to success for you!

Try it for 6 months. There's no long-term obligation, and you can pay off your lease at any time or send the computer back to us. Once you start making payments on the computer, you'll have a credit history that sticks with you!  

Learn more about our program's resources and benefits, and get started today!


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Purchasing Power


More purchasing power for the things you want.

People who want to buy a home should start thinking now about their credit score. Banks look at credit scores to help determine the interest rate on mortgages, and better scores usually mean lower monthly mortgage payments. So if you want to establish or build credit, start now with UpgradeUSA!